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Why buy  an HPU from Allied?

Would you buy a new BMW online at a store that sold everything from flashlights  to toilet paper if you could  get the same price at a knowledgeable dealer who would give you personal attention and carefully discuss all the options with you? Well if you are not buying your Tronair HPU from Allied International, the Tronair HPU specialists,that is what you are doing.  Here is the Tronair HPU part number configurator.

Step 1 – Determine the size of the Hydraulic Power Unit required. Check the aircraft maintenance manual, or refer to Tronair’s Aircraft Tool and

Equipment list at

Step 2 – Select the correct fluid type that matches your aircraft

Step 3 – Determine if the unit requires a CE mark and/or an Electric Soft Start (call for soft start availability)

Step 4 – Choose a paint color from the available colors

Step 5 – Select quick disconnect couplings to attach the hoses to the aircraft bulkhead fittings. These couplings will become part of the model

number sequence, they are attached to hose ends upon receipt (pgs 89 - 93)

Step 6 – Determine the input voltage the Hydraulic Power Unit will be operating at. When ordering, the most common error is selecting

incorrect input voltages (To check input voltage, measure from L1 to L2, L1 to L3, and L2 to L3. The highest voltage obtained from

these readings is the correct input voltage)

Step 7 – Select additional features to customize your unit. We offer a broad range of options to enhance your Hydraulic Power Unit to your

particular needs or budget. Options listed in the chart must be in alphabetical order. Refer to the option matrix (below) for standard

features per model number

The HPU part number has potential 15 alphanumeric digits. It always starts with a 5 in the first place, the next 14 digits configure the HPU to match your aircraft(s) and the maintenance you do.

 24 different power ratings

 5 different operating fluids

 22 different electrical input power configurations

Plus all kinds of other options, single , double or triple  system, quick disconnects, color, special gauges, hose length. Just knowing the aircraft you are servicing is not enough.

There is a lot of opportunity for error and since these units are configured with options to order, it is not so easy to return them  if you order the wrong one.

Allied International is the second largest by Tronair sales volume distributor. If you call us during work hours 8:30 to 4:30 Eastern Time a real person  not a voice mail robot  pick up the phone and connects you to an experienced GSE specialist with over 10 years experience selling Tronair HPUs and all the other Tronair products.

Tronair is not just HPU. There are hundreds  other OEM approved GSE items like jacks, towbars, bead breakers, maintenance stands, oxygen and Nitrogen carts.

Best of all, Tronair GSE is OEM approved for most corporate and regional aircraft as well as helicopters.  See the airframe list

Convenience: No waiting for call backs, no web forms to fill out. Real people answer the phone.

Service: We are experienced GSE specialists not just order takers. We will help you find the right tools, see that is shipped anywhere, and support you afterwards if you need spares or repairs.

Integrity: We have been satisfying  customers around the world since 1951. We stand behind what we sell. Buying from Allied is safe.

Price: You do not have to pay more for personalized service

Best service and prices on the best value HPU from Tronair